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3.9 Applications Development

In DITA on January 2, 2010 at 4:29 pm

This week has been challenging . We have been looking at client side applications and learning how to program a supposedly simple JavaScript web page. So what is JavaScript? JavaScript is a scripting language used to make web pages dynamic. It was designed to look a bit like Java but is completely different and is supposed to be easier for people who aren’t programmers to use. My problems with JavaScript is that at first it felt a bit like doing maths and anything to do with maths my brain shuts down. However I found a website that put it down in a simple way.

“Think of a programming language as similar to human languages in that they both have rules and syntax”.

1)     The words are like a set of terms that refer to what your program should work with ie your browser window or how they can be manipulated e.g opening the browser window.

2)    The way that the words can be put together to produce a desired effect is known as the languages syntax.

I found the jump from the simple lecture notes to writing a program to be very steep. In order to learn more about the different objects I turned to W3chools, then I used the Try IT exercises to practice.

The exercise that we were set was to produce a JavaScript program to elicit information from a user and provide a Web link to the appropriate section of the BBC Web Site according to the following criteria :

  • whether the user is interested in news or sport
  • whether ‘news users’ are in england, northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales
  • whether ‘sport users’ are interested in cycling, golf, football or tennis.

Here is a link to my JavaScript program


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