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Beginning DITA

In DITA on September 28, 2009 at 10:25 am

In our first DITA session we were introduced to the terms Digital, Information, Technology and Architectures and Web 2.0 through blogs. For my coursework I will be using a blog to record our weekly exercises and to follow my learning. As I am already an experienced blogger I will continue to use my WordPress hosted blog. I have decided to use the Journalist template as I  like its resemblance to a magazine. I  will be using  WordPress as opposed to Blogger because of its simple user interface and especially the fact that it has a template engine. There is RSS Feed and an option of installing widgets. I have chosen to install the twitter widget to make my blog look more dynamic. I also have found that the tagging system for WordPress is much easier to implement than on Blogger. All I have to do is type then all my posts will be listed and I can easily convert this to pdf to submit it.

There are many different definitions for what a blog or a weblog is, but essentially they all say that a blog is a website where posts are arranged in reverse chronological order.  Blogs can contain music, video, pictures, and hyperlinks. Blogs can be on any subject and Bloggers who come together to form blogging communities.

During our first DITA session we were introduced to UNIX/Linux operating system, which we were able to access through the City University server – Telnet Putty. Unix uses a command line interface and having only ever used GUI’s e.g Windows it was slightly intimidating getting to grips with it. However essentially what I have learned is that the UNIX Os is made up of the kernel, the shell and the programs. I found a very interesting tutorial on Unix explaining how it works on the Surrey University website.

By the end of the session I had created a new directory and learned a few simple commands.


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